Product Features


Micro structure of the metal after forging. The consistent structure provides very impressive strength.

Structure of the metal after casting process shows very inconsistent structure with many gaps and weaknesses.


1. Forging provides greater strength and reduced weight

Instead of using traditional casting technology that is typical of tripod construction, SIRUI is a pioneer who adopted the forging technique in manufacturing. During the forging process, the deformation and recrystallization of metal causes the structure of the metal to be more welded together and compact - greatly increasing its strength-to-weight ratio. This allows SIRUI to build products with exceptional strength and durability, that are surprisingly light.
In addition, forging ensures the integrity of metallic fibers so that it remains consistent inside & out. Good integrity allows for a longer lifetime as well as better performance. In fact, the forging process creates parts that are stronger than those manufactured by any other metalwork process.


2. Custom Anodized Surface Treatment

All SIRUI products undergo a special anodized surface treatment that makes all metal surfaces highly resistant to wear and increases durability and weather-resistance. Anodizing is an environmentally safe electrochemical process. This also prepares the surface to provide better adhesion of colored finishes.


3. Temperature Tolerance Test

Photographers often work in extreme environments, such as blazing deserts or sub-zero mountaintops. It is vital that their equipment works under these conditions. That is why we torture-test all of our products - under conditions that far exceed what most people will ever experience (-40° ~ 100°C/-40° ~ 212°F). SIRUI is the first Chinese manufacturer to continuously perform the 4-hour test on all tripod, monopod and ball head models.



4. Certified Longevity Tests For Quality & Reliability

In order to confirm the quality and reliability of SIRUI tripods (and our dedication to details), an independent testing lab (SGS) subjected the leg angle lock spring mechanisms to exhaustive longevity tests. The test reports showed that even after 100,000 actuations, the springs continued to perform perfectly!



5. Eight layers of carbon fiber for superior load capacity

SIRUI is one of the few manufacturers who make their own Carbon fiber leg tubes. The use of 100% carbon fiber and 8 cross pattern layers, makes SIRUI tripods and monopods capable of supporting impressive load capacities, while providing a lightweight product. In addition to providing high strength and low weight, carbon fiber is also highly resistant to temperature changes, friction (no need for lubrication) and corrosion.