SIRUI ball heads are meticulously machined to precision, and perfect for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike for its world-class quality based on years' of accumulated experience of SIRUI and its innovative design. SIRUI ball heads are applied with the best aerial material, machined by high-end CNC, and coated with anodic oxidation on its exterior to achieve its superior quality.

There are three series of SIRUI ball heads, the G, KX and C series. All series incorporate a 360-degree panel that is integrated in the base which allows photographers to do panoramic or continuous shooting. The ball heads come with quick-release plate platform that conforms to industry standard, Arca-Swiss type, thus suitable for a variety of quick-release plates. For the G and KX series, a red safety button is also incorporated into the platform to prevent the quick-release plate from sliding off the platform easily. The C series is suitable for Mirrorless or E.V.I.L cameras.